The Times They Have a Changed…..

..with apologies to Bob Dylan.

The announcement by the National Grid that no electricity in the UK had been generated from coal in the last two months prompted me to look for some of my old slides and negatives that I shot whilst working on the redevelopment of Redbrook Colliery in Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

The redevelopment took place between 1981 and 1985, with a a year’s interruption for the miner’s strike of 1984/5, at a cost of several million pounds and was only used for about 2 years before the pit was closed in 1987.

The times have a changed not only with to regard to collieries and coal but also with regard to photography on construction sites. These photos are all scans of negatives or slides that I took, official site photos were usually done by a pro photographer whose brief was usually to take a specific number of photos to record progress usually every month, sometimes every 4 weeks. Nowadays, since the advent of digital cameras, most sites have a site camera to record what is happening on site much more frequently.




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The site is now an Industrial Park and can be seen on Google Maps HERE

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