From Famine to Feast..

After suffering a dearth of Butterflies throughout most of the Summer it’s now gone from famine to feast, caused by the warm, sunny September weather and the late flowering of our Buddleia bushes. These Small Tortoiseshell were photographed earlier today making the best of the warmth and the food. Small Tortoiseshells have been particularly scarce this year so it’s good to see so many about. View the full post

The Arrival of the Painted Ladys

The September warmth seems to have brought the butterflies in from wherever they’ve been during August. The Painted Ladys have finally arrived in the area, at last.

Yes, the spelling of “Ladys” is deliberate, I don’t know if it’s correct, but I’m working on the same theory as the plural of Mongoose is Mongooses not Mongeese. View the full post